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Bobbi Brown Radiance Boost 75ml

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An instant boost for glowing skin, this new exfoliating mask from Bobbi Brown gently smoothes, re-texturises and softens skin to reveal a more even, fresh-faced glow. Featuring superfine walnut grains, Radiance Boost gently sloughs off dead skin cells and instantly improves microcirculation for a healthier-looking, glowing complexion. A combination of absorbent kaolin clay and super moisturising algae extract and sodium hyaluronate works to reduce excess oil while balancing skin’s moisture levels. A light, energising touch of orange oil is an extra wakeup call for tired, dull skin. Exfoliating face mask Gently removes dead skin cells Improves microcirculation for a healthier complexion Helps reduce excess oil while balancing moisture levels Suitable for all skin types 75ml