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Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation 9g Fair

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Laura Geller's innovative Balance-n-Brighten foundation is a baked formula that is made up of swirls of neutral-hued liquid pigments baked on terracotta tiles for 24 hours, and then hand-finished by Italian artisans to create a creamy, smooth powder foundation. It'll help brighten and colour-correct your complexion for an impeccable finish.

Beautifully Baked
 - Laura Geller's renowned baked products are formulated from liquid or cream pigments that are blended together and baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles, then hand-finished by Italian artisans. 

  • Semi-circular mirror in lid

  • 1 x Balance-n-Brighten Foundation (9g) - can be used alone or combined with your favourite base for a flawless finish. Contains centella asiatica and white tea extracts, jojoba seed oil and vitamin E

How to use: 
  • Use a brush to sweep onto the face, targeting areas of discolouration
  • Blend well