The AURORA BAND Sleep In Night Roller

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Introducing The Aurora Band Night Roller.

Transform your hair while you sleep.

The Aurora Band is used to design and maintain your own curls and blowdries, with no Heat needed.

Follow our simple steps and Wake up to Salon quality Curls. No Heat, No Damage, No Hassle.

Recommended by Stylists worldwide.

How to use
Step 1

Smooth over roots leaving the ends of the hair slightly Damp (NOT WET). Brush hair thoroughly and choose desired parting. Place The Aurora Band on your head and secure the fabric side on your forehead and Brush hair thoroughly.

Step 2

Part the hair at the nape of the neck to make two equal sections as if making pig tails, put one side into a bobble.

Step 3

Take a large section of hair (max 3-4 section each side). Brush section and pull the band out away from the head and wrap 'Once only' and pull through. Take your second section and add to it the remainder of the first section and wrap again Continue wrapping in this fashion until there are no more sections left on this side. Wrap the remaining hair on this side and seal the tips of your hair to the Velcro.

Step 4

Remove bobble and Repeat Step 3 on the opposite side. Starting from the front working to the nape of the neck. (Ensuring to leave a gap at the nape of the neck where the two sections of hair meet).

To Remove

To remove The Aurora Band, secure the band back to your forehead ,twist the band down as if turning inside out to reveal the fabric side of the band and the loops.

Starting from the Gap at the back of your Band where the two sections meet insert your finger under the last loop (Tips of your Hair) and pull through. Pull each loop through ensuring never to skip a loop.

Working from back to the front, repeat the process on the opposite side.

Once hair has been unlopped run your fingers around the fabric of the Band to ensure all hair has been removed .Holding the crown of your head gently lift the band away .

Once the band has been removed shake out your hair .Take large sections of your hair and run your fingers through as if combing, twisting curls backwards into style .